Messenger Freak

Website called Messenger Freak is one of the most popular sites with MSN Messenger Emoticons on internet. Their Emoticon list is updated almost daily and their collection grows bigger from week to week.

Emoticons are sorted in groups so you can choose between animal emoticons, love emoticons, sports emoticons, funny emoticons and more.

They don't have only MSN Messenger Emoticons, they also have a big collection of MSN Display Pictures also sorted in many categories for you to choose from. They also have funny msn nicknames, ascii nicknames, love nicknames and much more fun names for MSN Messenger. Then they have download section where you can download tools for your messenger, fun and pranks to make jokes with your friends, list of chat bots if you don't have anybody to talk to or simply to have fun or learn new stuff from those bots. They have Messenger Games Launcher to launch games and play them with your friends over messenger. They even have Text Maker, also known as weird maker, to write your name in funny letters, it is a great tool.

From the list of features you have found out why Messenger Freak is one of the most popular messenger sites on the net. Click this link to visit them: