MSN Status Image

How to display your msn status on your webpage?
MSN Status Image is an image that displays your current MSN Messenger status. To use MSN Status Image you will first need to register on and get your username there. There is NO way to display your MSN messenger status without registration on w2m. After you have registered you can get your MSN messenger status image here. You can use your MSN status image in your forum signature, blog, myspace, website or wherever you can think of using it. This software will be updated as often as possible so check back soon to see new status images.

Please follow this few easy steps to create your MSN Messenger status image. Code is automatically updated in the bottom of the page. You have a selection of image url, BBCode for using on forums and html code for putting on your webpage.

step 1. - enter your web2messenger username:

step 2. - select MSN status image

step 3. - background color:

# Click Here to Pick up the color


image url:

BBcode for forum signature:

HTML code: